The Waldorf elementary school offers an inspired approach to life-long learning. What sets the curriculum apart is not necessarily what is taught, but how it is taught. Teachers aim to present all subjects in a pictorial, imaginative way to stimulate students' feelings and interests. Every subject, whether mathematics, history, or physics, is learned artistically and practically so that the experience speaks to the whole child: the head, the heart, and the hands. Drawing, painting, movement, music, singing, recitation, and drama are not treated as supplements; rather, they are the actual methods by which each subject is taught. By interweaving traditional academic disciplines with artistic and practical activities, the school provides a broad and balanced educational experience and encourages the development of capable, multifaceted individuals. 


Word problems, Averages, Fractions, Factoring


Human and animal: Descriptive study of animals and their relationship to humans

English & Grammar

Spelling, Parts of speech, Grammar rules, Writing poetry and stories


Norse sagas, Poetry, African and Native American legends


Illinois history, DuPage County history, Native American history


Map making from classroom to home, Region


Writing, Reading, Plays, Verb tenses, Spelling, Short dictation


Interlocking and negative forms, Native American motifs, Norse myth illustration


Wet on wet, Local landscapes and animals, Norse gods, Festivals


Cross stitch, Embroidery, Braiding and cords

Movement Education

Running, Jumping and throwing games, Obstacle courses, Athletic lead-up games, Improve posture and running forms,
Folk dances, Native American games


Notation, Time values, Major and minor third, Introduction to string instruments