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Education for our children is very important to all of us. And yet sometimes the task of figuring out if a school is the right fit for both your kids and your family can be a daunting task. Below we want to outline what the process of admissions looks like at Waldorf School of DuPage. Our goal is to make this process as simple and as smooth as possible for you.
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Waldorf School of DuPage conducts monthly group tours as well as private tours.
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Each interested student will submit an application. Any additional paperwork to supplement the application can be provided as well.




Applications received during the school year will schedule a 1-2 day class visit. Summer applicants are also accepted.




An Enrollment Contract is provided for the school year (or pro-rated for the remainder of the school year).  Tuition Adjustments and Payment Schedules are reflected in these contracts.




It is so great to have you join the Four Winds Waldorf community. Your kids are going to thrive!


connect with us today with any questions you might have about Waldorf School of DuPage.



Whether you have planned on sending your children to a private school, or are just looking for other education options, Waldorf School of DuPage is an investment in the future of your children. One of the most common questions a family is already asking when they visit our website is, “How much?” While we want to list the general numbers for our tuition fees, please reach out to ask any questions you might have. 


Pre-school / Kindergarten

Starting at


Multiple education options

First Grade

(early dismissal on Friday)


Extended Care available for Fridays

second - eighth Grade

Second - Eighth Grade


After school care options available


Meet the Johnson Family.

They first discovered Waldorf School of DuPage in 2012, when their oldest was in second grade. Although they were doing school at home with a Waldorf influence, they wanted to know if there was a Waldorf school in the Chicago suburbs. When they found Four Winds they initially stumbled over the price tag. With one income from a non profit organization, the thought of putting one kid--let alone the second--into a private school was overwhelming. 

It took three years for the Johnsons to finally pick up the phone and call the school. After a wonderful conversation and hearing more about the education model of a Waldorf school, the Johnsons were very honest about their financial situation and their fear of not being able to afford Four Winds. They decided to attend a school tour and knew that this would be a good fit for their children. Going through the admissions process, the Johnsons finally enrolled their daughter into 5th grade--three years after that first interaction with Four Winds--and their son into the early childhood program.

While a lot has changed in regards to the Johnsons' income, they now have three children enrolled in the school and they still rely on tuition assistance to make this education choice a possibility. To show you this could be an option for your family too, here's how it works for them:


Three children enrolled: seventh grade, second grade, early-childhood education




Volunteer hours at the school;
Parent Council;
Class Parent;
Marketing and Graphic Design;


You may have a story similar to the Johnsons--we would love to talk with you.
Waldorf School of DuPage is a community of diverse families, and it is that diversity that makes us great. Please get in touch with us today and start the conversation about a Waldorf education for your children.