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1 Guardian Angel Dry Felted Wall Hanging.JPG

Guardian Angel Dry-Felted Wall Hanging
EC/Rainbow Class Art

Early Childhood teacher, Ms. D., and her students have put this delicate piece of art together with the inspiration and help of our Class Guardian Angel. It comes with our morning verse and our evening song to protect, guard and heal your family. Made out of naturally dyed wool mounted on a beautiful Silver Birch branch—a perfect touch of Heaven and Earth to warm up your child’s bedroom or harmonize your home!


Roots and Wings Canvas Painting
EC/Oak Tree Class Art

Oak Tree teacher, Mrs. Mogavero and her students have put together an art piece of birds on a branch using children's fingerprints. It is a beautiful canvas painting that can be hung on your wall with the unique fingerprints that will be there for lifetime.

2 Kandinsky Inspired Painting.JPG

Kandinsky Inspired Painting
1st Grade Class Art

First Grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, and her students have put together several small square canvas composing one big piece of art based on Kandinsky's color study. It's a very unique and creative art which these wonderful kids made beautifully.  Painting circles mimics the form drawings that children work on in 1st Grade.

4 Repurposing Candle Holders.JPG

Repurposing Candle Holders
2nd Grade Class Art

Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Gantner, and her students repurposed plain glass candle holders that are painted with a special technique to create a vibrant look of sea glass. Each holder is paired with an aromatic hand-dipped beeswax candle.

5 Rag Rug.JPG

Rag Rug
3rd Grade Class Art

Third Grade teacher, Mrs. Bevard and her students created a rug using upcycled t-shirts in all colors of the rainbow. The students worked hard cutting, twisting and weaving their way to the creation of this beautiful woven work of art. It can be used as a daily reminder of the joyful color of childhood either under your feet or displayed on your wall.

Mosaik 4th Grade.JPG

Tree of Life-A Mosaic Wall Hanging
4th Grade Class Art

Fourth Grade teacher, Mrs. Hays and her students have put together a beautiful Celtic tile mosaic wall hanging. The Celtic figure came up based on a book that they read that has a Celtic knot on it.

7 Mirror with Botanically Inspired Painted Tiles.JPG

Mirror w/ Botanically Inspired Painted Tiles
5th Grade Class Art

Fifth Grade teacher, Mrs. DuRocher, and her students have put together this mirror decorated with tiles painted with alcohol ink. This botanical inspired tiles tie with the kids' studies on botany. It's a one of a kind piece of art.

8 Felted Wool Wall Hanging.JPG

Felted Wool Wall hanging
6th/7th/8th Grade Class Art

The Middle School class has created a felted wool landscape; complete with majestic mountains, rolling river, and colorful wildflowers.  This project was completed under the expert guidance of Natasha from Esther’s Place.


Viva Italia! Interactive Cooking Party for 6 with Chef in your Home

Gather your friends and host a party for 6 (or more*) where everyone cooks -- with Chef Franco Contaldo! You’ll enjoy a unique Italian culinary experience and expert instruction, all in the comfort of your own kitchen. Normally only serving the Nashville/Memphis area, Chef Franco will coordinate a date for your dinner party. Includes wine, food, and in-depth cooking instruction. (You may not be Italian when you arrive... but you will be when you leave!). Chef brings the equipment & hot plates, you just set the table! * Winner can upgrade party size for up to 12 for only $55pp.

LA forest_village_full.jpg

Gnome Home

Gnomes and Forest Folk will all delight in this locally crafted wooden dwelling, with several levels, a rope ladder, and bucket hoist. So many features to explore!  Children can access and play from all sides as well as incorporate their own found nature treasures and other handcrafted creatures.


Your Very Own Waldorf Super Nanny!

Start planning that much-needed, long-awaited couples getaway, because Four Winds Administrator and child-whisperer Jocelyne Roy will stay and care for your kids at your home for a two-night, three-day stay. Truly enjoy your rest and relaxation with the peace of mind from knowing your kids are safe and having a ball, Waldorf style!


New Orleans Vacation

5 night stay in a 2bdrm/2bath chic apartment in the Carrollton Neighborhood. Step outside and take a relaxing Street Car ride to Audubon Park or the Quarter. Close to restaurants, grocery and all the Oak Street has to offer. A 10 min drive to many New Orleans destinations - it's truly centrally located to explore all of New Orleans. Dates subject to availability and excludes event weekends (Halloween, Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest). Offer expires 5/20/19.

Silent Auction

1 Handmade Felt Magnet Set for Chocolate Lovers.JPG

Handmade Felt Magnet Set For Chocolate Lover
Value $28

Materials: Eco-fi Felt, all purpose thread, non allergenic polyfill, fabric 3D paint, magnet, hot melt glue, paper (candy cup)

Decorate your desk at work or kitchen! All hand stitched. The felt used is made with Eco-fi, a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Non-allergenic polyfill is used for stuffing.

2 Handmade Felt Play Toy meal Set.JPG

Handmade Felt Play Toy Meal Set
Value $65

Materials: Eco-fi Felt, all purpose thread, non allergenic polyfill, and Guilter’s batting.

Includes: Pancakes (2), Pancakes with butter (1), syrup plate for pancakes (3), sausage (3), fried egg (1), sliced cheeses (cheddar and swiss), salami (1), ham (1), sliced tomato (1), lettuce (1), bread (2), nut butter plate (1) and jelly plate (1).

You can make stacking sandwich,  pancake & sausage, nut butter & jelly sandwich and more combination.

This set has vibrant, plush meal items that will provide hours of  imaginative play.

All hand stitched. The felt used is made with Eco-fi, a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Non-allergenic polyfill and batling are used for stuffing.

3 Handmade Felt Play Toy Fruits _ Veggies Farmers Market Set.JPG

Handmade Felt Play Toy Fruits & Veggies “Farmers Market” Set
Value $180

Materials: Eco-fi Felt, embroidery thread, all purpose thread, cardboard, non allergenic polyfill, and quilting batting, non toxic felt glue, wire.

Includes: Pumpkin (1),eggplant (2), cucumber (2), carrot (2), corn (1), potato (2), white mushroom (2), baby bella mushroom (2), red onion(1), yellow onion(2 half cut), zucchini(2), avocado (2 half cut), sweet potato (cut 2), bell pepper (2), tomato (2), lemon (1), clementine (2), banana (3), red apple (1), green apple (2 half cut), strawberry (4), grapefruit (1 half cut), watermelon (1 cut), honeydew melon (1 cut), kiwi (2 half cut, 1 whole), green pear (1), red pear (2 half cut), grape (1), basket (1).

This felt veggies and fruits are 100% hand cut, hand stitched. The felt used is made with Eco-fi,Non-allergenic polyfill and/or quilting batling.


Basket 3rd LEGO.jpg
Basket Witches (Sarah) .jpg

Super Silent Auction

1 Blackhawks Superfan.JPG

Blackhawks Superfan

Go Hawks!!!  Chicago Blackhawks hockey player Ryan Hartman has personally signed this NHL Jersey expressly for The Crystal Ball!  Frame-worthy let this either start or add to your sports memorabilia collection.

2 Parking Lot 3, 24x30, cahrcoal on birch veneer.jpeg

“Parking Lot 3"
24”x30” Charcoal on Birch Veneer

Krista Varsbergs is a former Four Winds’ parent who wishes she could have gone to a Waldorf school as a kid. Her work has been exhibited locally and abroad, and is found in many private collections. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, did post-graduate work at Yale’s Graduate School of Art and Architecture, and is currently getting her MFA at University of Chicago.


The Clarity Connection

Janie Bouzek has been professionally coaching individuals and leaders for the past five years. She brings courage, compassion, and an obsession with optimal joy and effectiveness to every engagement. She is offering a monthly coaching package called "JumpStart." You can focus on either personal goals, or professional leadership goals. The package includes: *An initial assessment to help get the juices flowing on what is most important to you *Four face-to-face 45-minute coaching sessions which focus on gaining clarity around your thoughts, vision, and goals, as well as providing accountability structure *Between-session support via email, text, or phone.


Ladies Night ‘IN’

Deb Reed and Deb Webb (or Deb squared) will give you and 5 guests a spa experience in your own home.  Deb Reed-licensed Massage Therapist-will provided 20 minute chair massages and Deb Webb-licensed esthetician-will provide 20 minute mini facials.  Party must be within a 20 mile radius of Four Winds Waldorf School.

SSA Cubs Tickets View.jpg

Go Cubbies!!!

2 tickets to a Cubs game.  Winner's choice of 6/20 vs. Dodgers (1:20pm); 7/23 vs. Arizona (7:05pm); or 8/26 vs. Cincinnati (1:20pm).  These fantastic seats are located in "Field Box Infield" Aisle 116 Row 9